Ariaera’s Top 10 Fictional Couples

I don't usually talk about ships, but when I do, I go all out! In honor of Valentines Day, I decided to take a look at some of my favorite fictional couples and share why I love them.


Top 31 Pokémon (Part 5: 7-1)

This is it. The final seven. Each Sunday in the month of December, I have been posting my top favorite Pokémon from 31 to 1, and today we finally complete my list! It has been so hard choosing all these Pokémon in a specific order, but here we are today, counting down the final seven together!

Top 31 Pokemon (Part 2: 28-22)

This December I’m going through my top 31 favorite Pokémon for each day of the month! This is week two, going through numbers 28 to 22! Each Sunday I will post the next batch of Pokémon starting from 31 to 1 of my favorites with a description of why they are my favorite, and something personal of mine about that Pokémon, whether it be a story, poem, drawing, cosplay, photo, or anything along those lines.

My Top 10 Favorite Video Games

I’ve been a gamer for quite some time. I don’t know if I’m particularly “hardcore” or not in the realms of gaming, but ever since I picked up Pokémon Sapphire back when I was 9, I was hooked. Gaming has been a huge part of my life ever since then, and there are some individual games that have really made an impact on me, and that’s what I’ll be sharing today. This is my personal top 10 list of my favorite video games.