Vagabond; Chapter 4: Flora

After finally coming to some sort of agreeable terms with Prince Kurt, Maerwynn must now resolve her conflict with Flora. She knows Flora longs for more than the city of Runeswick has to offer, but can she convince her otherwise?


Animal Crossing Diaries: New Leaf (Part 6)

Another year has come and gone and somehow I have not been run out of Citytown by an angry mob yet. It’s been quite some time since I’ve last been able to write out all my thoughts, and my therapist says that I should start doing it again after the whole Quillson incident... Oh, how … Continue reading Animal Crossing Diaries: New Leaf (Part 6)

Revolutionary: We will meet again

So this is Boston... He thought as he gazed over the ship's railings. As he walked to the gangplank, his dream still lingered on in his mind. It had been nearly 10 years since he had last seen John. As he departed from the boat, he looked at his reflection in the harbor waters. He wasn’t the same child anymore. Would he be able to recognize John after all these years?

Vagabond; Chapter 1: New Beginnings

“So are you going to the Prince’s ball?” One girl asked. “I don’t know if I should...” The other replied. A party? That sounds fun. “Why not? Every eligible woman in the kingdom has been invited!” “I know, but I don’t know if I want to be picked as the Prince’s bride! That’s such a big decision to make!” So I guess the prince of Runeswick is looking for a wife. I guess I shouldn’t go then. Not that I’d get picked anyway, but still, I don’t want to look like I’m trying. “Oh, think of it! Living in the palace, butlers and maids at your every beckon-whim--” ...Keep talking. “Oh, stop now, you know I wouldn’t marry for any of that fancy living!” I would! I jumped out of my seat and walked over to the two ladies.