My name is Ariaera, or as the humans call me, Stephanie. This is my personal blog where I come to write all sorts of things; screenplays, stories, essays, and so on. Just a free writing experience for me to share! I know may not be the best writer, and I will always have room to improve, but I hope you can find the time to enjoy some of the pieces I have written here!

I am currently a weekly columnist and features writer at Zelda Universe,  and I hope to one day be able to write for animated television series.

In my original writing, I tend to lean towards the fantasy genre; you know, elves and dragons and mermaids and such. I also dabble in historical fiction as well as the monster/science-fiction genres. Currently, I am writing 2 original series (which you probably won’t see much of just yet), a novel, and an educational comic called Big Blue. When it comes to writing, I am most interested in characters. My goal as a writer is to create characters who are fun, interesting, and who can even touch peoples lives (listen to this dork- pfft)!

As for my blogs, I’ll probably write a lot of stories about personal experiences of mine (mostly geek related stuff), and things that I am generally interested in (again, just geek stuff really). As well as a writer, I am a passionate gamer, animation enthusiast, crafter, cosplayer, and overall, well — GEEK. The Legend of Zelda is probably my favorite topic to discuss, as well as Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings, and Disney. There’s more (like WAY more), but I have a feeling you’ll figure out what else I’m interested in through my little blog.

So that’s about it for now; thank you for taking the time to read my work! Please, if you have any feedback about my work, I would love to hear it! This includes constructive criticism; not senseless bashing. I know this is the internet, and people like to do that for no reason, but it will be ignored and deleted on this page. I would much rather hear intelligent critiques that will help me improve myself as a writer. I would also love to chat and read others work as well!

If you like what I do here and would like to support my blog, I have a Patreon account! Some of my rewards include having characters named after you in my original works and getting to choose some of the topics I write about here! It would truly be an honor to have any of you help me do what I love!

Thank you, and enjoy my blog!

Elven Ariaera
Stephanie Cusumano