Something About Proposals

The sun was setting as Arthur and Derreck sat in the back yard of Arthur’s home, casually chatting. Derreck was wrapping up some sort of joke that Arthur just did not seem to understand when Stacy walked outside.

“I’m going to put on dinner soon. Derreck, will you be eating with us?” She asked with a cheery grin on her face. He looked at her a bit perplexed at first, then looked to his wrist watch.

“Oh! Would you look at the time! Has it gotten that late already?” He said jumping up quickly. He quickly picked up his brown suit jacket, and put it back on quickly, getting his elbow stuck in the sleeve once or twice in the rush.

“Pardon me, but I must be taking my leave now!”

“What’s the matter, Derreck?” Arthur asked, curious of his friends odd behavior.

“Tonights going to be a big night, my friend!”

“Oh! Do you mind me asking what you’re doing?” Stacy asked.

“I’m taking Emma out this evening, and tonight’s the night I’m going to propose to her.” The couple both looked at him surprised. Stacy immediately ran to him and hugged him,

“Oh~ She’s going to say yes I know it! You go for it, Derreck~!” She sang. Arthur also couldn’t help but smile a little,

“Best of luck to you, my friend.” He added.

“Thank you both! I’ll talk to you later, let you know how it goes and what not!” He said as he ran through the back gate. Arthur waved casually as Stacy squealed with excitement,

“Oh~! I can’t wait! I just know she’s going to say yes! She’s just going to make such a beautiful bride! Oh! I should plan her bridal shower! I have to call the girls!”

“ Now wait just a minute, Stace, he hasn’t even asked her yet!” Stacy twirled back around at the comment and laughed a little embarrassed.

“O-oh, I know, I know…” She giggled again, “I’m just so happy for them.” She walked around the table and took the seat Derreck was sitting in before.

“It’s just… Well, I know how that is- to feel that excitement of having your significant other propose to you.” She reached across the small table and took his hands. He smiled a little, with his cheeks turning a light tint of pink. She played with his hands as she continued to speak,

“You remember that night? The night you proposed to me?” She asked. Arthur nodded,

“Of course.” He looked down at their hands as he spoke softly, “How could I ever forget such a night?”

“I remember walking through the gardens that night… Holding your hand…. You were quiet. I thought maybe something was wrong.”

“I was just nervous was all… Also, I wanted to keep it a surprise. I didn’t want to say anything.”

“I didn’t suspect a thing, though I did find it a little odd that you took me to the garden so late at night.”

“I wanted the moon to be out… The glow of it reflecting off the pond.”

“It was beautiful. I will never forget it.”

“I didn’t think it out very well, though… I remember almost tripping several times. It was harder to see in the dark, even with the full moon out.”

“I don’t even remember that, Arthur. I just remember you pacing very quickly to get there… And then… I remember you finally started to speak.”

“Mostly gibberish.”

“At first,” Stacy giggled, “But then you started to say such sweet things.”

“I don’t recall…”

“You were saying things about how much I meant to you, and about everything we had been through together…. then you took my hands, looked into my eyes, and said ‘I do not want there to be another day where we are not together’…. And then you kneeled down, and that’s when I knew.”

“Well it had to have been quite obvious at that point.”

“It was, but none the less, my breath was taken away, and I had never been so happy in my entire life.”

“I felt the same way when you said yes. Even when I got up and you leapt into my arms unexpectedly, and I fell backwards, I was still so thrilled.”

“Sorry about that, sweetie.” She laughed. He let out a light laugh in return,

“Quite alright, dear. It wasn’t as bad as when I tried to put the ring on your fingers and dropped it; I was so happy my hands were trembling.”

“And then when we were looking for it, you sat back on the ground and wound up sitting on the ring.” She giggled again. His face turned red,

“Who knew that diamond would be so sharp…”

“It was a beautiful engagement ring, though.”

“I had it handcrafted just for you. No other ring would suffice.”

“And I loved it.”

“I am glad you did…” He looked off to the side, looking out to the sunset, “You know… That day did not go exactly as planned… but I am happy it went the way it did.”

“Me too, love.” She said, walking over to him now, wrapping her arms around him from behind, and lightly laying her head on his shoulder as she watched the sun go down with him.

“I only wish for Derreck and Emma to have as much happiness as we had on that night when he proposes.” She said in a softer tone. Arthur nodded turning to her, and kissed her cheek ever so lightly,

“And for the years to come.”

This is a modified version of an old story I wrote. Only the names of the characters were changed so I felt the need to make notice of this. I decided to revise it because of the narritive dialogue between the two characters, hope you enjoy!


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