Top 31 Pokémon (Part 5: 7-1)

This is it. The final seven. Each Sunday in the month of December, I have been posting my top favorite Pokémon from 31 to 1, and today we finally complete my list! It has been so hard choosing all these Pokémon in a specific order, but here we are today, counting down the final seven together! Here we go!

Click here to read PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, or PART 4 if you have not already!

Just to refresh on the rules, there can only be ties if they are in the same evolution family, other than that, no two Pokémon can share a spot if they are not related. That being said if I like one much more than the other I can separate them as well. However, mega Pokémon can not stand on their own, they must be paired with their original design since they do not stay in that form outside of battle. Pokémon can also share a spot on the list if they have alternate forms and I like both variations or just one form in particular. Also, they have to be one of my favorites, which is a given.

Here we go on our final segment of Ariaera’s top 31 Pokémon!

7) Bergmite & Avalugg

There is only one word used to describe Bergmite and that is adorable. I think I found this little cutie by scanning through the X and Y Pokedex on Bulbapedia. I was curious to see some of the new Pokémon, and I saw this little fella and instantly fell in love. He’s not the traditional cute Pokémon, but I am so in love with its design! It just always seems so happy and it’s a Pokémon that I would love to have follow me around all day. I always view it like it’s some sort of iceberg puppy.

I’m not even sure of where to begin about Avalugg. It was a little odd when I first saw how flat it was, but I quickly got over the “coffee table” factor that everyone seems to linger on and I absolutely love it. The color scheme is beautiful, the cool purples and blues that they use to display the cracks and crevasses along this glacier beast are well done. Not only do I think it looks amazing, but that defense- Oh that glorious, tank-like defense! A lot of my final Pokémon on my list are ice type and it’s for a reason, they are designed so well! Thematically, they work. Yes, they do unfortunately have quite a bit of weakness but Avalugg can hang in there for the long run. My Avalugg has put up many great fights in my Alpha Sapphire version, and having recover as a move doesn’t hurt my chances either!

For my personal piece of this Pokémon, I have my favorite drawing ever of a Bergmite. It’s just the perfect amount of adorable- at least for me. It’s the perfect drawing that expresses how I view this Pokémon and how it makes me feel.


6) Amaura & Aurorus

Again, upon discovering the X and Y dex, I stumbled upon Amaura, the cutest dino ever. I actually had to double-take between Tyrunt and Amaura, because while the T-rex is my favorite dinosaur in real life, Amaura was just so much more charming. Not to mention the concept behind it is pure genius. It shows even more with Aurorus when the adornment on its neck actually changes colors like the northern lights! I’m also a fan of how it changes depending on its mood and even its attacks! Then there’s its cry. I don’t think I’ve mentioned Pokémon’s cry up until this point because none have made an impact on me quite like Aurorus. It just sounds so awesome!

I don’t really care for how slow it is, but with a quick claw, ‘Borealis’ can manage pretty well. I also don’t like the number of weaknesses it has either, but in the end, it just makes a victory with this Pokémon even sweeter!

There are so many things I could have included about Amaura and Aurorus, but one thing I would like to share is a drawing. There two Pokémon are the ones I feel like I love to draw the most. To me, I always associate Avalugg and Aurorus together because I discovered them around the same time and I got them through trade around the same time. Because of this, I have been creating their journey together as best friends through art. This is their beginning in the drawing “Tag Along.”


5) Starmie


Here is another Pokémon that I have no idea why I started liking it so much. I just saw it one day and said, “wow, what a cool looking Pokémon!” I’ve mentioned I love marine life, so I guess seeing a tricked out starfish just appealed to me. Though it’s simplistic, it’s still super nice to look at. For some reason, I love that it doesn’t have a face, and yet I still feel the movement in its sprites and models make it still so expressive! It was a Pokémon I really bonded with in games like Heart Gold and Alpha Sapphire and the fact that it was so animated was really cool! I love the normal color pallet, and I actually prefer it over the shiny. Purple has always been a favorite, and Starmie is just the perfect shade.

Not only do I love its design, but I love its typing. It’s a Pokémon that just looks like it should be this type! I really wish both Starmie and its pre-evolution would share the psychic-water typing, but beggars can’t be choosers. It’s just one of the things that make me more excited about getting a Starmie. Not to mention how quickly you can get one! It’s great to use in battles as well! Anyone who has ever battled a Starmie knows that recover is a must have move (and also a really cool nod to real life starfish that can regrow their limbs after having lost one), but I also like to teach it moves like psychic, ice beam, thunderbolt, and hydro pump to keep the battles going.

For my personal piece, I’ve included an old drawing of one of my Pokémon: Battle Revolution characters and my Starmie. This Starmie was the first one I really started to fall in love with, and it was from my Heart Gold file. This drawing, though not so great quality, was an expression of how much it meant to me.


4) Audino


Ah, finally, a non-Kalos Pokémon that actually has a story other than I found it in the dex and liked it! When Black and White came out, I wasn’t sure if I wanted it or not. I eventually caved and bought Black version, and I had no idea what any of the new Pokémon were. I remember seeing a shaking bush while walking along one of the routes, and so curiously I went to check it out. When the Pokémon silhouette was finally revealed, I said to myself “I have no idea what that thing is, but I want it!” Usually, I’m not a huge fan of the pink, cuddly Pokémon, but Audino is the exception. I’m not sure what makes this Pokémon different from the rest, but I just have the urge to hug it!

I captured it as soon as I could and named it ‘Mr.Wuggles’. Since then, I’ve used that name for all my Audino’s. Though I typically don’t use normal types, I found having Audino on my team was very useful. It could learn such a wide variety of moves and did not have that many weaknesses. I always love to teach Mr. Wuggles a fire type move like flamethrower so that way I could throw off any unsuspecting trainers of what types of moves my Audino uses. I, of course, am also a fan of self-healing or party healing moves, which Audino is a great supplier of. Lastly, I just have to mention that the cry is so cute. Whenever I hear that sound, I shout out “WUGGLES!”

Admittedly, I wish I could draw Audino better, but I still try. In this drawing here, I have Audino holding Audinite. I really love its mega form as well, it keeps the cute essence and boosts up the power, but it can still return to my pink, cuddly Wuggles.


3) Glalie & Froslass

When I first saw Glalie, it was when I had to fight it in the Hoenn Pokémon league. I saw it, and I had no clue what it was, but I wanted one so badly. If I wasn’t told about where to find a Snorunt or that Snorunt was the pre-evolution of this Pokémon, I would have no clue on how to obtain a Glalie. I always wanted one, and I eventually got one, but it was at the end of my Sapphire run and I had already moved onto Leaf Green. It wasn’t until I got Alpha Sapphire that I made it a priority to get this Pokémon, and now it had an awesome new mega form. I named it ‘Titan’, since the mega form reminded me of the anime Attack on Titan, and I just bonded with it ever since. It’s such a simple design, and yet it intrigues me so much. I also love its ice body ability since it is a health restoration move and that is a must have on my team!

Then there’s Froslass. It took some getting used to, but I warmed up to Frolass’s design pretty quickly. I also quickly jumped onboard with its spooky origins, and I just love everything about this Pokémon. The words I always use to describe Froslass is “Hauntingly Beautiful”, and I stand by it. It is a Pokémon with an eerie backstory, but it’s still gorgeous to look at. Her eyes and mannerisms in its sprite animation also add to that element of mystification. Other than the design, though, I also adore the typing. It’s just such an interesting combination that makes perfect sense to its mysterious dex entry; “Legends in snowy regions say that a woman who was lost on an icy mountain was reborn as Froslass.” Of course, the dex entry gets a little darker, but I have to say, it just makes it all the more intriguing. Frightening, but intriguing.

I always view Glalie and Froslass like siblings; Two Pokémon from the same family, even though they’re very different. One is a pure ice type while the other develops a second ghost typing. One’s better for physical moves, the other for special. Even their designs are very distinct from one another, it’d probably take me a while to figure out they were a part of the same evolutionary line if I didn’t know any better! Either way, that’s why I can’t choose between them and why I listed them as a tie, though they’re two completely different Pokémon, they are both amazing to me.

For my personal piece, I have my favorite drawing I’ve done of Froslass. I chose Froslass because, for some odd reason, I always have a more difficult time drawing Glalie. I just love the way her arms curve in this drawing, and the look in her eye. To me, it captures that mysterious element I love about it.


2) Registeel


Registeel was always my favorite of the legendary golem trio, however it wasn’t until I got Alpha Sapphire that it would soon become my second favorite Pokémon overall! Since it was my favorite of the three, I started my golem quest by catching Registeel first. I kept it on my team and I found myself playing with it in Pokémon amie. Why? Because I was being silly and wanted to feed a Pokémon with no face poképuffs. However, I was not expecting it to react the way it did. It looked so happy when I fed it! Just like Starmie, it was just so expressive for a Pokémon that did not have any facial features to emote with. Not only that, but it was this big, hulking monster that was as giddy as can be when I took care of it. Because of this, it was the first Pokémon I got to the fullest relationship and it won over my heart becoming one of my most favorite Pokémon!

In terms of battle Registeel also has a lot to offer. Though most of the Pokémon I have previously talked about can take some damage, none of them compare to Registeel. Even moves that are super effective take some time before he caves in from them. It is the Pokémon I rely on most in online battle and does a fine job at standing its ground.

For my personal piece, I tried to express how I felt in the first paragraph in a drawing. I feel like a little girl playing with this Pokémon, and I love how this huge, powerful creature just wants to play in return, which is how ‘My Friend Registeel‘ came to be.


Before I continue on with number one, here are some honorable mentions:

Haunter for being my favorite middle evolution on its own. I gotta be honest, guys, I like Gengar, but Haunter to me is so much cooler.


Salamence is probably my favorite Dragon type. Well, after Zygarde anyway. It’s always my pick out of the two Hoenn dragons, and my top pick of any non-legendary dragon. It was super close to making it onto this list, but unfortunately, he got beat out by Banette.


Wooper because I had a huge obsession with this little guy. He’s so adorable and always happy. ALWAYS.


Latios needs some love on this list because he was my favorite in Elementary school for the longest time until I discovered my number one favorite. I will always cry for him in Pokémon Heroes, though.


Ducklett because I love ducks and I wanted a pet duck, but my mom won’t let me have one, so I have a virtual pet duck in the form of a Pokémon.


Tirtouga & Carracosta because as well as Zebstrika and Audino, this was one of the Pokémon that stuck out to me in Black & White, and I named mine Arthur.

Torchic & Blaziken need a shoutout as Torchic was my first ever Pokémon and Blaziken was my first Pokémon to reach level 100. Plus, they’re still pretty epic Pokémon.


Regice and Regirock because even though they didn’t make it on this list, these two and Registeel are my favorite trio of legendaries and I feel as though they’re very underappreciated and need some love!

needs a mention because the concept for this Pokémon was awesome and well executed. It’s a big fish made out of little fish! I wish real fish did this in nature, I think it would prove more effective.

And for a final honorable mention, Jolteon and Espeon. Jolteon was my favorite Pokemon for quite some time, it was probably my first favorite. Espeon is currently my favorite Eeveelution, but both are super awesome.

1) Gardevoir, Gallade, Kirlia, & Ralts

I know it’s a typical Pokémon to choose as a favorite, but I have loved this line since the moment I first laid eyes on Ralts. The Ralts line and I have a long history together. I first saw it in Sapphire when most people were probably introduced to it as well- When Wally caught one. I was so jealous! The minute I saw it, I wanted it, and after Wally caught his, I went back to the same spot to go and find one. I never did, and because I kept seeing it evolve whenever I fought Wally, I just found myself more and more jealous. I eventually bought Ruby, and I sat in that patch of grass for so long trying to find a Ralts, and eventually I did. I had it with me through my entire journey, and I even traded it over to Emerald when I bought that.

Since then, I’ve always had a Ralts in my party. Though my play through in Sinnoh was short, I caught a Ralts and evolved it into Gallade. Now it took me a really long time to like Gallade because my stubborn ten-year-old mind thought that Gardevoir was the best and Gallade was just an ugly copy cat, but I soon came to appreciate the more masculine Gallade just as well as I did the elegant Gardevior. Once Alpha Sapphire was released, I did the same thing in rushing to the patch of grass where I knew Ralts was waiting, and it was actually a lot easier to find this time around (thank you, Nintendo!) It meant to much to me that I could actually bond with my little Ralts in this latest installation!

Ralts was the first Pokémon I actually read the dex entry for because I was so intrigued by it. I absolutely love that it’s the emotion Pokémon because it just made me feel like I would have a stronger bond with this Pokémon. I am a very emotional person myself, so the thought of having a Pokémon so much like me made me very happy. Since then I have become a breeder of Ralts and love to create all sorts of unique combinations of these Pokémon and share them with trainers across the world. If you’ve ever received a Ralts with a nickname through wonder trade, chances are it was probably once mine.

There’s also the general design of these Pokémon. I thought Ralts was cute the moment I saw it, but then when I saw a Pokémon card where its eyes showed from under its little helmet I was completely in love. Kirlia is a precious little ballerina and the animation for it in Pokémon: Battle Revolution is simply adorable! I love that it was so dramatic when fainting to actually wave farewell before returning to the ball. Then there’s Gardevoir, who is simply elegant. Not too much to it, but still, it looks graceful and refined. I love how its Mega evolution incorporates a Cinderella type gown which only makes it more gorgeous. Gallades mega evolution is also quite regal with the cape. I’ve always loved formal wear and elaborate events, so having these Pokémon essentially “dress up” appealed to me.

Though I have many drawings and artwork I could use for my personal piece, today I will be sharing my Mega Gardevoir cosplay. Being able to wear such a fancy gown and masquerade mask made me feel classy and elegant, just as I’ve always viewed this Pokémon. At this moment, I fully felt as though I was worthy to be called a Gardevoir trainer.


That’s all there is to it! The final article to my top 31 favorite Pokémon! Thank you for joining me and I hope you enjoyed reading through my list! It was really hard to pick 31 given that there are so many amazing Pokémon! I might even swap some places out next year, or even next week, but these 31 Pokémon have certainly earned their place in my heart! Please leave your thoughts, where some of your favorites on this list? Who’s your favorite Pokémon?



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