Top 31 Pokémon (Part 4: 14-8)

Hello again, or if you’re new, welcome! This is the fourth week of my top 31 favorite Pokémon! We’re nearly to the top, just one more week after this! All December long I’ve been going through my top 31 for each day of the month and next Sunday I will reveal my top 7! The list will include my favorites with a description of why they are my favorite, and something personal of mine about that Pokémon, whether it be a story, poem, drawing, cosplay, photo, or anything along those lines. Here we go from numbers 14 to 8!

If you’re new and want to start from the top, click here for PART 1, PART 2, or PART 3 of my top 31 list!

For all the newcomers or those who want to refresh on how I’ll be ranking my favorites, the only rules are that there can only be ties if they are in the same evolution family, other than that, no two Pokémon can share a spot if they are not related. That being said if I like one much more than the other I can separate them as well. Pokémon that have multiple forms including alola, mega, or attack forms will be included in their ranking. Also, they have to be one of my favorites, which is a given. All the Pokémon in this list is purely my opinion based on design, personal experiences, and other factors, not just how good they are in battle.

Here we go on, part four of Ariaera’s top 31 favorite Pokémon!

14) Kyogre


Kyogre will always, always hold a special place in my heart. Not only was it my first legendary Pokémon, but it was the one that encouraged me to buy my first Pokémon game. It was tough to choose between Kyogre and Groudon, but orca’s at the time were my favorite animal, so it made it a bit easier to go for the game with an orca-like creature on its cover.

While its design is still a major factor of why I love it, its power is certainly another. I love its ability, and it makes using thunder such a breeze. Water Spout, Thunder, and Sheer Cold have always been three moves I teach this Pokémon throughout each play through.

In Alpha Sapphire, they took the original Kyogre encounter and beefed it up tenfold. I was so much more engrossed in this version of capturing Kyogre then I was in Sapphire. Not to mention how amazing Primal Kyogre looks, and how powerful it is! It wasn’t necessarily hard, but it was an experience and the build up did not let me down. The transformation sequence also looks amazing. Granted after the 5th battle in a row, you kind of wish you could skip the cutscene, but it still looks cool.

Unlike most of the other legendary Pokémon on this list, it’s one that I use frequently. Not to say I always have it in my party, but it’s one that I like to take out and battle with. In Alpha Sapphire, I like to take it with me to the battle café in Mauville along with my Sceptile and another Pokémon who is higher up on my list and do triple battles with it in the center space.

While I could ramble on about Kyogre, I think I should wrap up this segment with my personal piece. Here I have my Kyogre cosplay. Because it’s such a special Pokémon to me and Alpha Sapphire was about to be released, I made this outfit for New York Comic-Con 2014.


13) Pidgeot


Another Pokémon I’ve loved from the start, I had a Pokémon card of Pidgeot and it always looks so fierce yet elegant. The anime then also helped increase my fondness of this Pokémon when Ash had a Pidgeot and it was one of his stronger Pokémon. It was my favorite flying type from Kanto, and I was happy to catch one and keep it on my team for my adventure through Leaf Green. I know a lot of people don’t like it because it’s common or easy to catch, but that never spoiled the thrill of catching this Pokémon to me… Except maybe in Pokemon Go, but clearly, they had a huge Pidgey-Rattata-Weedle problem.

Back in the day, when I used to go on Pokémon chatrooms, one of my usernames was Silver Pidgeot, and since then I always name my Pidgeot’s “Silver” in the game. I know a more suiting nickname would be “Gold” since it has more of a yellow-gold-beige color scheme, but I always think back to that Pokémon card and the silver surrounding it in both the clouds and the typing border of the card.

Speaking of that card, it’s what I’m using for my personal piece today. I unfortunately no longer have it, but it’s image burns brightly in my mind to this day, which is why I decided to share an image of the card.


12) Phantump & Trevenent

I don’t recall when exactly it happened, but once I saw the official artwork for Phantump, I fell in love. It was a while before I could finally get one in Alpha Sapphire, and I actually got it through trade, with it immediately evolving into Trevenant. While I was a little upset that I couldn’t play with my Phantump a little more, Trevenant quickly grew on me. It wasn’t little and cute like Phantump, but it still looked amazing. I really like Forest themed Pokémon to begin with and reading their dex entry only made it more intriguing. Its X dex says “It can control trees at will. It will trap people who harm the forest, so they can never leave.”, which really reminds me of the Ents from The Lord of the Rings, which is awesome. As for Phantump, it’s dex entry reminds me of Skull Kid from The Legend of Zelda series, which is equally as awesome. All references aside, I just love its connection to the forest and how it got there, it’s really all just fascinating!

Currently, in my Alpha Sapphire, my Trevenant has many life-draining moves and I caught another Phantump which I named ‘Stumpy’ (genius, I know), who I am raising for contests. I love the typing, and as I write this list, it seems I’m really quite fond of the ghost typing in general. I know I have quite a few grass Pokémon on my favorites list, but Trevenant is one of the ones I use the most alongside Sceptile and my number 9 favorite Pokémon.

For my personal piece on this Pokémon, I have a picture I drew for Halloween this year (2016) of a little Phantump titled ‘Boo!’ I could have drawn something scary or creepy, but instead, I drew this lil’ fella here, and I regret nothing!


11) Flabébé and Florges

In my older years, I haven’t watched the anime as much, but I did, however, happen to catch the amazing Mega Evolution special. The lead female role had caught a Flabébé, and I started to become interested in this Pokémon. Originally, I had no intent of catching one, or really even paying it any mind. It was cute, but it never really grabbed my attention like Phantump or any other X and Y Pokémon. It was just something about seeing it bond with its trainer that made me desire the same relationship with a Pokémon like that. I eventually offered one of my Pokémon in the GTS in Alpha Sapphire to obtain a Flabébé, and I got a yellow flower Flabébé in exchange. Instantly, I grew attached, and before you knew it, I had a Florges. I can’t nickname it because it is a traded Pokémon, but I call it my Gorgeous Florges. Why? Because it is gorgeous! I love the design of this Pokémon, though I will never understand why it’s not part grass type.

Raising Florges was never a chore, I always loved having her on my team. I know that the boosted EXP from trading helped, but in less than a week, I had her up to level 100 and started using her in online battles. I’m no competitive battler, but she always does very well. Having wish and draining kiss help so much, though! Not to mention I’ve gotten a few other Florges’ through wonder trade, and my blue flowered Florges is my go to beauty contest Pokémon! I love it when Pokémon have variety in colors, and Florges is no exception. Though I honestly think if I were picking solely off color, I would like the blue the best, but I’ve grown so attached to my yellow Florges I could never choose any differently!

For my personal piece, I’ve included a mosaic portrait of my gorgeous Florges. A lot of the yellow in this piece was taken from gardening magazines so that I could keep some sort of authenticity to the piece.


10) Fletchling, Fletchinder, & Talonflame

From the moment I saw Fletchling for the first time in Super Smash Bros 3DS, I thought it was adorable. However, it was once again a 6th generation Pokémon, and I have never owned X or Y to have my own. Once again, I got one through trade in Alpha Sapphire, and though I did not attentively seek one out, I was delighted when I finally received one. I love little birds, and so I quickly bonded with this Pokémon. It soon evolved into a Fletchinder, which I also found to be quite the delightful design! I had never seen it before, and I was extremely happy with this evolution. However, I had come to like this Pokémon so much, I actually bred another one so I could nickname it and feel even more attached to the fire-bird. I couldn’t wait to see what its final evolution would be, and finally, it happened. I got a Talonflame. At first, I admit, I liked Fletchinder’s design better, but after a while, I really. ‘Firespin’, as I named him, became one of my favorite battlers.

Not only does he have outstanding moves, but his ability really comes in handy when I’m trying to breed for shiny’s (which is what I do a lot in Alpha Sapphire since I’ve beaten the game). As for his moves, I find having roost in combination with bravebird and/or flare blitz makes for a good combination. It always does well in online battles, even if it does lose, it puts up a fight to the end.

For my personal piece, I have another mosaic, which was one of my first pieces of fanart for this Pokémon entitled ‘Firespin’. My mom actually likes this mosaic so much she hung it up in the guest room. I keep telling her it’s a Pokémon, but she just says it’s a red cardinal.


9) Rowlet & Decidueye

The only Sun and Moon entry on this list, but it made such an impression on my to rank so high up! The instant the Alola starters were released, I knew I would pick Rowlet. Honestly, it was mostly because its face reminded me of my parakeets (yes, I am aware it is an owl). I love birds and I thought it was simply adorable! I think Dartrix is okay, but it was not my favorite middle evolution, but Decidueye, on the other hand, was brilliant. In any fantasy RPG, bows are my weapon of choice, so to see this epic archer owl was really a treat! I love how it went from having a bow to having a bow! (Tee hee).

When I finally got Moon, I picked Rowlet as I always intended. To my surprise, I was once again lucky enough to wind up with a female Rowlet. Though I was greatly pleased, I had only thought of nicknames for a male. I would have probably named it Legolas, so having a female I thought “Why not Tauriel?” I started typing it in, but I accidently hit “F” instead of “R”. I pressed backspace to realize it wasn’t backspace and was instead the confirmation button, thus my Rowlet was named “Tauf”. I was so upset by this mistake but I didn’t want to restart and lose my female Rowlet, so I stuck with Tauf. It eventually grew on me, and to this day my Decidueye, destroyer of men, conqueror of evil, is still named “Tauf”.

For my personal piece, I’ve included the drawing I made the day before Sun and Moon’s release. As I said, I was so sure that I was picking Rowlet, I made this piece of art titled ‘Will You Be My Trainer?’ The answer is most definitely yes.


8) Gyarados

When I was little, I didn’t like Misty for a few different reasons. The main reason was because she was a love interest of Ash, who at the time, I was totally crushing on. Another reason, however, was because she hated Gyarados. Why would you hate such an epic looking Pokémon? As and adult who actually reads the Pokédex, I can kind of understand someone being terrified of the atrocious Pokémon that is known for being brutally vicious and destructive, but I still love it none the less!

Gyarados was actually one of the first Pokémon I was introduced to! I remember finding a holographic Gyarados card at my Grandparents house one day and I thought it was the coolest thing ever! It was a little discolored and I thought that it was green for the longest time, but it was still amazing. It looked so powerful, and it helped that it was an aquatic beast, which as I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I love. I also managed to trade for an original Shiny Gyarados back in the day. It was one of my favorite cards!

I do wish its Mega form did it a little more justice, but I still enjoy using it, and I like the dark typing a lot better than Gyarados’s flying type. However, I love that Gyarados regardless can learn almost any kind of move. Fire blast, thunder, ice beam, hydro pump, just a few of the moves I love to teach my terrifying beast.

I do have to give a shoutout to Magikarp though, while I didn’t include it with this Pokémon, I really do like it, and even though it’s useless, it makes me love it even more.

I know I’ve included a lot of mosaics today for personal pieces, but I have just one more for today. This one was of Gyarados, and it’s one of my favorite mosaics. The layers of this Pokémon make for a more interesting picture! This was a commission, and I did have to ship it away, but the owner actually got the original voice actress for Ash Ketchum to sign it and my work got her personal seal of approval.



That’s all for this week’s top picks! Next week will be the last week of this little series, so don’t forget to check back in! See any of your favorites on this list? Let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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