Top 31 Pokémon (Part 3: 21-15)

Welcome back, or if you’re new, welcome in general! This is the third week of my top 31 favorite Pokémon! All December long I’m going through my top 31 for each day of the month! Each Sunday I will post the next 7 Pokémon starting from the bottom up of my favorites with a description of why they are my favorite, and something personal of mine about that Pokémon, whether it be a story, poem, drawing, cosplay, photo, or anything along those lines. This is the third week counting back from number 21 to 15! We’re at the halfway point now!

If you’re new and want to start from the top, click here for PART 1 or PART 2 of my top 31 list!

For all the newcomers or those who want to refresh on how I’ll be raking my favorites, the only rules are that there can only be ties if they are in the same evolution family, other than that, no two Pokémon can share a spot if they are not related. That being said, if I like one much more than the other I can separate them as well. Pokémon that have multiple forms including alola, mega, or attack forms will be included in their ranking. Also, they have to be one of my favorites, which is a given. All the Pokémon in this list are purely my opinion based on design, personal experiences, and other factors, not just how good they are in battle.

Here we go on, part two of Ariaera’s top 31 favorite Pokémon!

21) Shinx & Luxray

Like I mentioned in Zebstrika’s entry, I don’t usually use electric types. However, once I was introduced to Shinx, I fell in love immediately. I only had Platinum version for a very short time, but in that period, I was introduced to Shinx and I put it on my team. I somehow found one again in Heart Gold, though admittedly, I’m not sure of how I obtained it. I know I did name it Mufasa, and it became my favorite electric type since. I even went as far as to waste a ton of cash to win a Shinx plush at a street carnival I loved it so much! Well, okay, it was only $20, but to me, the cheapskate, that was a lot more than I would usually be willing to spend.

Of course I love Shinx for it’s cuteness, but when it evolves into Luxray, oh man. It looks amazing, and it is a real go-getter in battle. Some of the best battles I’ve ever had in Pokémon: Battle Revolution involved Mufasa, and they would get super intense too. Even when I battled with my friends, when Mufasa came onto the field, he would always give them a run for their money.

My personal piece for this Pokémon is a little doodle I did. I don’t usually like how I draw Shinx, but this one actually turned out okay… I think.


20) Malamar


Malamar is another one of my more recent favorites. I never played X or Y, so I never got to experience it until Alpha Sapphire, and even then I had to get it through trade. I saw artwork of it before, and I always thought it was pretty cool, but once I started learning more about the Pokémon, it just became even more amazing. As I mentioned, I love marine life, so to have an awesome, upside-down, bioluminescent squid Pokémon on my team to me was super cool!

What I love most about this Pokémon is surprisingly not its design, though. I love the typing and I love the ability contrary. The first time my Malamar was attacked with a stat-lowering move and it instead gained those stats made me lose my mind. I’ve taught mine moves like superpower to use this ability to my advantage, and let me tell you, she’s a real trooper!

For my piece dedicated to this Pokémon, I have a sticker drawing of Malamar, which was also my first ever drawing of Malamar. I really liked drawing the tentacles, and the color scheme on its body is super fun!


19) Bellsprout & Victreebel


My love for this Pokémon roots all the way back from my early Pokémon days. Yes, that roots pun was intended. Getting back on track, my first real introduction to Pokémon was through the anime, and I absolutely loved Team Rocket. James was (and still is) my favorite team member, and I always thought it was hilarious whenever he’d use his Victreebel and it would immediately ricochet and wind up with James in its mouth. It was the one running gag that always made me laugh, but aside from that, I also really liked the design of the Pokémon, not to mention its cry in the anime.

I also had to mention Bellsprout because it’s just so darn cute. An episode of the anime also got me attached to it as well. I’m not sure what episode it was, but one side character had a Bellsprout named ‘Spooples’, which is the best name in the history of names. Since then, it’s been a tradition for me to also nickname my Bellsprouts ‘Spooples’ as well.

If that wasn’t enough reason for me to love this Pokémon, I also managed to capture a shiny one in my copy of Leaf Green. Though my first shiny was a Zigzagoon in Sapphire and Bellsprout was my second, I was a lot more excited over ‘Sprout’, which was the nickname I gave him before I knew the beauty and elegance that was ‘Spooples’.

For my personal piece, I’ve included one of my favorite cosplays ever: James and Victreebel. I’m not sure what spurred on this idea, but I just thought of Victreebel and how awesome it would be to make a cosplay of my favorite moment (or rather moments) of the Pokémon anime.


18) Zygarde (50%) 


Another recent favorite as of this year, I loved this Pokémon as soon as I saw its design. Again, I’ve never played X or Y version, so I never got to fully experience capturing this epic beast, but it’s just a Pokémon that I’ve really come to like. However, this being said, it’s the 50% form that I’ve really come to love. It’s that serpentine, dragon-like appearance that makes it so interesting and threatening. I love the scales and how certain ones glow. Just everything about it looks so perfect, so why change it? I think the Zygarde core is kind of cute, but to me, the other forms just don’t make sense. This is clearly a snake based Pokémon, where did the dog form come to? Or the Optimus Prime-like form? I don’t care if it’s not as powerful in it’s 50% form, it’s the one I like the best.

I also really like its typing. I don’t think there‘s been a ground-dragon since Flygon, and while I do like Flygon, Zygarde, though he lacks the levitate ability, is ten times better in my book. Plus, power construct is pretty good if you’re lucky enough to get it in 50% form.

For my personal piece, I have a drawing I drew of Zygarde titled “Pokémon Z”. The lighting pretty much defines how I view this Pokémon, mysterious and somewhat dark, lurking, waiting for its power to be shone. Something like that. The drawing does a better job than me trying to explain it.


17) Treeko, Grovyle, & Sceptile

Though Torchic was my first starter, after some time, owning Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and currently Alpha Sapphire, I started each game with a different Pokémon, and I grew really attached to Treeko. I think it was when I saw it in action in the Hoenn anime that I really started to like this Pokémon. He was so cool to 10 year old me. Even so, it just took some time to realize how cute the little wood gecko Pokémon was! Not to mention I loved both of his evolutions, unlike Torchic (sorry, buddy, but you had some awkward teen years). Grovyle is so sleek in its design, and Sceptile is just so smug and cool! I love it! I don’t know  how else to describe it! It’s been my starter of choice for all Hoenn games ever since.

For this Pokémon, I wanted to share an old drawing that I did for a Winter themed contest on DeviantArt. I ended up winning first place, which wasn’t half bad for my skill in 2010! I was inspired by my recent journey in my Emerald file, in which I was playing as Brendan (or Ruby, or whatever the kids are calling him). And yes, this was before I realized the white was a hat and not his hair. Sue me.


16) Bulbasaur & Ivysaur

While everyone else picked a Charmander as their Kanto starter, or maybe even a Squirtle, I was that weird kid who picked Bulbasaur. Yes, Charmander and Squirtle are cool, but none of them amount to the preciousness that is Bulbasaur. What is it about this little guy that makes me love it so much? I’m not going to lie, it’s mostly the design. It’s just so appealing to me, and it’s only gotten cuter as the years go by. I liked it from the start, but they’ve definitely made some adorable adjustments from the original design.

Then there’s Ivysaur. I think if it were up to me, I’d keep it a Bulbasaur forever, but I don’t think that would have gone over so well in game. I still love Ivysaur’s design though! I really love the blooming flower bud on its back, it looks so nice. Not sure why, but in both Pokémon and Pikmin, I always prefer the flower bud. Maybe I just like being different. Either way, Ivysaur and I have gone through a lot together in Leaf Green. This was where my somehow lucky streak began with getting female starter Pokémon, and I picked a girl Bulbasaur. I evolved her into an Ivysaur, and I kept her in that form. At the time, I couldn’t stand Venasaur. Nowadays, I have warmed up to its final evolution, but not enough to include it on this list. Sorry, Venasaur. Ivysaur was the first unevolved Pokémon I completed the story mode with, and it made my victory seem so much sweeter. I didn’t just beat the game, but I proved I could win with a Pokémon that I loved rather than just trying to catch the strongest ones.

For my personal piece with this Pokémon, I have an (embarrassingly) old drawing of my Ivysaur. She has the everstone around her neck and girly eyelashes because… girl. It’s not a very good drawing, but it meant a lot to me at the time.


15) Butterfree 


Butterfree is one of those Pokémon that I grew up with. To this day, it’s still my favorite bug type, and I even have one on my current Pokémon Moon team. It was originally both a part of my Leaf Green team and left an impact on me from the anime. I always remember the episode where Ash’s Metapod evolved, and I was just so awestruck. Needless to say, I bawled when he let Butterfree go free. Although its design isn’t super extravagant, it just looks so good. Its wings are a cool combination of a butterfly and a transparent winged bug.

It’s strange that I’m not a super huge fan of butterflies, and yet this Pokémon is still my favorite bug type. I know that part of it is childhood fondness, but at the same time, I still feel like the design holds up, even compared to the new, more elaborate butterfly Pokémon. Beautifly is pretty, and I find Vivillion fascinating in every sense, but Butterfree to me will always stand out above the rest.

I always loved the way Butterfree sounded in the anime, and when I was younger I didn’t realize it was pronouncing the “R” in “free”, so I always used to think it was saying “Fee Fee”, which I thought was adorable. My friend back in elementary school gave me a Butterfree plush, and I named it “Fee Fee” for that reason, and it serves as my personal item for this Pokémon. It was my favorite toy, and I still have it to this day! I also continue to not only nickname, but refer to all Butterfree’s as “Fee Fee’s” (and Caterpies “Fee Fee Jr.’s”).


That’s all for this week’s top picks! I’ll be continuing on next week, join me then to check out my favorites from 14 to 8! See any of your favorites on this list? Let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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