Animal Crossing Diaries: New Leaf Welcome Amiibo Edition

Day 21

OH. MY. GOODNESS! It’s been practically a month, but at long last, Reese’s husband FINALLY woke up! I was starting to wonder if he had a serious condition and Reese was just in denial, telling herself that he was simply sleeping while really he was in a comatose state for over a year with only a slim chance of him ever waking– but he’s fine.


In other news, I performed a rather laborious task for Gruff. He asked me to deliver a parcel to Friga, and though it was a long and tedious chore to complete this duty, I did it. Another wonderful accomplishment of my mayorship.

Moving on, I visited Antonio today. It was a surprise visit, and I think he was very excited to see me.


Day 22

Today I decided it was time for me to change up my appearance. I was getting tired of the same old hairstyle, so I decided to head to the new Shampoodle hair salon and get it redone. I look like a completely different person. I hope Antonio will still recognize me…


Look out, Citytown! Here comes the new me!

Day 28

I haven’t left my house in a week. I slept for so long, I forgot that I should be out… doing things. Maybe no one has noticed… Except Friga.

hni_0040There are weeds all over town, flowers have died, my hair is a mess, and I haven’t spoken to Antonio in an entire week!!! I invited him over immediately (after gussying up, of course), and he agreed to come. I think he really likes my new wallpaper.


I also ran into Mira on a midnight stroll, and she asked me the most peculiar question.


What pet would be good for her? The animal-people of this town have animals? What makes them different from their own kind? How does this work? Would it be considered slavery for one animal to own another? I’m not sure I comprehend all this. Lost in my thoughts, I replied “a bunny”. She gave me the coldest glare I’ve ever seen… Good thing we’re not that close of friends.

Day 29

Oh. My. Gosh.

Wolf Link came to visit my town today! WOLF LINK! In MY TOWN! Of course, as Mayor, I acted professionally and greeted him as an honorary guest. I did my best to keep a calm exterior, though, on the inside, I was screaming with glee. I also managed to resist stealing his things– don’t judge! You have no idea how it feels to meet your idol and not take something to remember him by! He has been my hero ever since I was a child, and he was exactly as I dreamed he would be! I even managed to convince him to move to Citytown! I believe his exact words were “sure”! He has such a way of expressing himself.

How could I ever forget about you and those gorgeous blue eyes?

I hope Antonio doesn’t get jealous…

In other news, Timmy and Tommy were selling… questionable items at T&T Mart today…


PS: I lied. I stole Links rupee. And his heart container. And his shield.

Day 30

Today I helped Wolf Link settle into his new home. I enjoyed listening to his stories of triumph for hours at end, but I could have sworn he used to be… quieter.

So humble.

We also finally raised enough money to build a second floor to the Citytown Museum. A new girl, Celeste started working there at the gift shop. She’s a bit of a slacker… but she’s so darn cute!


I rented out a few rooms to contribute to the museum and add some things from my own personal collection.


Day 31

I built a sandbox. That is all.

Vital indeed.

Day 32

I knew this day would come. I knew if Link moved into my town, Ganon was sure to follow! Though I was frightened, I went and confronted him. No one threatens my villagers but me!

Turns out he’s just a bit misunderstood. All he really wants is to do is his laundry in peace.


And the day only kept getting better, Antonio said the nicest thing to me!

My heart sings, how I’ve yearned for these exact words! You’re my super-nice someone too, Antonio.


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