Top 31 Pokemon (Part 2: 28-22)

Welcome back, or if you’re new, welcome in general! This December I’m going through my top 31 favorite Pokémon for each day of the month! Each Sunday I will post the next batch of Pokémon starting from 31 to 1 of my favorites with a description of why they are my favorite, and something personal of mine about that Pokémon, whether it be a story, poem, drawing, cosplay, photo, or anything along those lines. This is the second week going back from number 28 to 22!

If you’re new and want to start from the top, click here for PART 1 of my top 31 list!

For all the newcomers or those who want to refresh on how I’ll be ranking my favorites, the only rules are that there can only be ties if they are in the same evolution family, other than that, no two Pokémon can share a spot if they are not related. That being said if I like one much more than the other I can separate them as well. Pokémon that have multiple forms including Alola, mega, or attack forms will be included in their ranking. Also, they have to be one of my favorites, which is a given. All the Pokémon in this list is purely my opinion based on design, personal experiences, and other factors, not just how good they are in battle.

Here we go on, part two of Ariaera’s top 31 favorite Pokémon

28) Totodile & Feraligatr

Though I like all the Jhoto starters, this one is by far my favorite. I actually think it was my first water starter. I usually go for the grass starter, with the exception of my first starter, Torchic (which soon changed to Treeko in later playthroughs) and Chimchar, so picking Totodile was something special. I think Ash’s Totodile might have had something to do with it. It’s upbeat attitude and playfulness always made me excited to see it in the anime, and made it all the more adorable. That being said, I was a little disappointed with Croconaw. I mean, it was clever what they did with the design, but… It was just those awkward mid-stage levels, you know? Yet when it evolved, I loved it. It was this awesome Dino-croc, and I was ready to battle with this mighty beast!

It also sticks with me because in my first Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, I was a Totodile and I was super happy with those results. I didn’t have to restart or anything, that was what Pokémon I was matched up with and I stuck with it! I also made some pretty good memories with it in Heart Gold. It was my token water type and made for an epic showdown with Ho-oh. For my personal piece, I took a photo of my Feraligatr from Heart Gold, nicknamed Akito. I named all my Pokémon in this playthrough after Fruits Basket characters, so since Akito symbolized God in the tale of the Zodiac, I chose that name for my Feraligatr. Pretty lame, but hey, it meant something to me at the time.

My apologies for the poor quality, I don’t know how to take the fancy snapshots like them YouTube folk.

27) Zebstrika



When I first got Pokémon Black, I had no idea what any of the new Pokémon were. I went in completely blind and when I saw a Blitzle I whipped out a pokéball and caught the tiny zebra. Little did I know what an epic looking Pokémon it would evolve into! One of my biggest fears in new Pokémon games is evolving one that I really like and it turning into some hideous beast. Thankfully that was the opposite case with this Pokémon! I don’t really use too many electric types, but Zebstrika stuck with me throughout my entire journey. She proved to be a powerhouse and did some serious damage. Stomp and thrash worked its magic and helped me through the elite four!

I also always think to myself when I look at this Pokémon, whoever thought of this idea was great. I just think it was so clever to have lightning bolts for Zebra strikes, and then they actually flash when it attacks! Super cool. Super creative.

My personal piece for this Pokémon is a sticker portrait. I’m not really good at drawing horses (or zebras, or zebra Pokémon), but I loved this one so much, I gave it a shot anyway! I mean, it’s decent but… Hey, I tried.


26) Meloetta


I grew up in a musical household, and it’s always been a huge part of my life, so seeing a Pokémon based on music is really cool to me. If music was personified, Meloetta is exactly what I would imagine it to look like. Once I saw its design, I fell in love with it. The treble clef ‘headset’, the music staff hair, not only is it clever, but it is executed beautifully. My preferred form is the Aria, but I love the Pirouette form as well.

I feel like Meloetta would be higher on my list if only I battled with it more often. I do for a little bit, then I put her back in my PC. She’s just too precious and fragile to put onto the field! Well, maybe not, but that’s how I feel. I’d rather play with her hair or dance alongside her instead.

For my personal piece, I have another sticker art drawing. I really like drawing her hair spiraling and being tossed around by the wind. This was also the first drawing I’ve ever done of Meloetta, and I was pretty proud of how it came out.


25) Groudon 


Groudon, Groudon, where do I begin with Groudon? While I originally chose Sapphire over Ruby, I eventually did grab a copy of Ruby to capture the legendary Groudon, but that wasn’t where my true appreciation for it began. When I was little, I was still collecting pokémon cards when the new Ruby and Sapphire packs had just come out. I was at the mall with my mom, and she had just allowed me to buy a pack. I remember looking through the cards and right at the end was a Groudon. This was the first legendary Pokémon that I got through purchase and not through trade, so it was really special to me. It was always one of my prized possessions, but eventually, I let go of my cards, including this one. It wasn’t until about 10 years later that I bought another pack of cards; the Alpha Sapphire Omega Ruby packs. It was the last pack in the store and I tore it open as soon as I got home. Flew through the commons, and again, just like ten years prior, a Groudon waited for me at the end. This one I’m keeping and never letting go!

Other then that, Groudon has been sentimental for many other reasons. For the fleece hats I make, Groudon pushed my limits to see what I can do to make one of my best selling hats, which is the legendary beast himself. In high school, my friends and I always brought up Groudon when talking about legendaries, and made up silly, cute things for this terrifying dinosaur-creature to do, which always inspired me to draw him. Even in Heart Gold when I transferred him from my Emerald version, it was just a pleasure to walk alongside in game. It would always do the most precious things, give me flowers, dance around, smile– though it might actually seem terrifying if this were to actually happen in real life. One of my most popular pieces of fan art on Deviantart is an old drawing I made called ‘Yellow Flower’, where Groudon hands Gold a yellow flower with a grin on his face, is based on this (and also serves as my personal piece for this Pokémon.)


24) Aegislash


This is a more recent favorite of mine, but I’ve really come to appreciate Aegislash. When I first saw Honedge, I wasn’t really that impressed. I’m honestly still not that interested in its design. However, once I saw Aegislash, I was quickly convinced that this might be a Pokémon that I should have on my team. Instead of just looking like a dull sword with a scarf like its pre-evolution, Aegislash felt more alive to me. Maybe it’s just the arms, but I really feel like this is more of a Pokémon than its predecessor. I also love how it can change forms from a defensive tank to an offensive powerhouse.

I’m a big fantasy fanatic, and I’m not going to lie, being a huge Legend of Zelda fan kind of made me want this Pokémon for that reason. A sword and shield always remind me of Link, and I couldn’t help but think of him with this Pokémon in sight. I got Honedge through trade, and I wanted to nickname it myself, so I wound up breeding a ton of them just to get a female one so I could name it Fi after the spirit of the Master Sword in Skyward Sword. It was worth it, though. I use her so often in battles, and it really proves worthwhile.

For the piece I’ve made of this Pokémon, I have included a little doodle I made, and might eventually make into a sticker in the future.


23) Deoxys


Ever since I watched Destiny Deoxys as a kid, Deoxys has just always lingered on my mind. It’s such a cool Pokémon! Its design is so clever and well done, and its voice in the anime was just how I’d imagine. It also helped me remember Deoxyribonucleic Acid in science class.

Though I love it to bits, I admittedly forget about it a lot. However, in the times that I’m battling with it, I am filled with glee to use such an amazing Pokémon. Psycho boost is one of my favorite moves in the game to use! Then, of course, in my play through of Alpha Sapphire seeing it appear in the space saga got me going ballistic! It was everything I hoped it would be, and now I have a Deoxys that I caught without an action replay! That’s something I’ll never forget!

For my personal piece attached to this Pokémon, I included a drawing I did in January of 2014 called ‘Discovery’. I don’t know why, but I always find myself connecting Deoxys with Unown. Probably because of the mystery surrounding these Pokémon. Or maybe it’s simply because I like them and they’re both psychic types. I don’t know, I just think they go well together.


22) Sharpedo


I love sharks. They are my favorite animals, along with whales, but right now we’re talking about sharks. Naturally, I find myself loving the shark Pokémon, Sharpedo. Now I have to say, it took me quite some time to get used to Sharpedo because it was only half of a shark. I found it rather bizarre. I always thought that maybe I just couldn’t see the tail behind its body, but when I caught one for myself I saw that there was no tail it just didn’t sit right with me. However, I bonded with ‘Sharknado’, my Sharpedo in Alpha Sapphire, and we made one heck of a team.

While I was in the midst of my Alpha Sapphire playthrough, I also was introduced to the anime episode with Sharpedo in it. The way it cuddled up to Brock was precious, and from then on I was sold– even if the rest of the episodes “Pokémon logic” was terrible.

Though it’s the only shark Pokémon as of now, it’s rather low on my list only because I’m really hoping that they do make a full great white, or even better, a whale shark Pokémon in the future.

My piece for this Pokémon is a drawing of Sharpedo surfing. This was another feature in Alpha Sapphire that made me adore this Pokémon. It sure as heck made it a lot more fun and speedy surfing from island to island!

Sharpedo Surfing.jpg

That’s all for this week’s top picks! I’ll be continuing on next week, join me then to check out my favorites from 21 to 15! See any of your favorites on this list? Let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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