Top 31 Pokemon (Part 1: 31-29)

As December comes around, Pokémon pictures start to consume social media and I thought in celebration of this Pokémon filled month I would do a top 31 favorite Pokémon list. Why 31? For each day of December, of course! And what a perfect time to make a list like this with the release of Sun and Moon just a few weeks ago!

Each Sunday I will post the next batch of Pokémon starting from 31 to 1 of my favorites with a description of why they are my favorite, and something personal of mine about that Pokémon, whether it be a story, poem, drawing, cosplay, photo, or anything along those lines.

The only rules are that there can only be ties if they are in the same evolution family, other than that, no two Pokémon can share a spot if they are not related. That being said, if I like one much more than the other I can separate them as well. Pokémon that have multiple forms including alola, mega, or attack forms will be included in their ranking. Also, they have to be one of my favorites, which is a given.

Here we go on our first segment of Ariaera’s top 31 Pokémon!

31) Banette


I know it’s a bad way to start off a ranking list by saying this, but I just like this Pokémon.  I’m really not sure what it is about it, but I always want one so badly. I just see a Shuppet on the route to Mt. Pyre and I’m like “I just gotta have it”, and when I do, I keep it and raise it up to be a mighty strong Banette. Maybe it’s the design that draws me to this Pokémon so much.

No, even before I really started to appreciate its design I still wanted one. I didn’t really care for Banette’s sprite in Ruby & Sapphire. Maybe it was just the eyes?  Or maybe that one of the Elite Four members had one? I know that’s why I originally wanted another Pokémon who’s much higher on the list… I have no clue. I just…. I just like it. I’m sure everyone has that one Pokémon they just like, and this is that Pokémon for me.

While it wasn’t the lore of this Pokémon that first made me interested in it, I’ve really come to find it interesting. In spirit of that (no pun intended… okay, I lied, it was), I drew this picture of Banette entitled “Play Time”, going to give its previous owner a little visit…


30) Sawsbuck


I have two favorite themes when it comes to, well, anything- Forest Fantasy and Underwater. Sawsbuck fits perfectly into the first category. It is a fantastical beast from the forest and it is majestic as ever! I can just picture a wood elf being escorted through the forest riding on one of these guys. I’m constantly changing which form I like better which is perfect as it changes throughout the seasons.

I didn’t get one of these fellas until late in my Black version, so my first real experience with this Pokémon was in my play through of Alpha Sapphire. I saw a Deerling and I had to have the cute little guy. Then I remembered what it evolved into, and when it did evolve, man, was I happy!

My personal piece for this Pokémon is a sketch I drew of Autumn Sawsbuck. It’s a very recent sketch, but I’ve been wanting to draw a portrait of this majestic beast for quite time.


29) Roserade


For a Roserade of any other name, would it not smell as sweet as– Romeo, Romeo, oh, Juliet is the sun! But the moon is a different story–

Pardon the introduction, but I just could not resist. Anyway, Roserade is the next on the list. I absolutely love the design of this Pokémon! The masquerade mask is charming alone, but complimented with the bouquet of roses on its arms, this Pokémon is one classy little critter! It even has a little cape! Roserade was also one of the lead Pokémon on my magicians team in Pokémon: Battle Revolution. Romeo, as I named him, would always start the show and drain the opponents with his energy-stealing move set.

For my personal piece dedicated to this Pokémon, I have one of my sticker set portraits. This was actually a redesign of an older Roserade portrait I drew, but that one looked pretty weird… Trust me, this one’s better.


That’s all for this week, being as there were only 3 days of December, but next week join me to go through 28 to 22 in my top 31 Pokémon!

CLICK HERE to read PART 2!


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