Animal Crossing Diaries: New Leaf (Part 4)

Day 12

Today I went to Antonio’s house again. We chatted for a while, but in the end, I found out that he is not quite ready for the commitment that I was hoping for.


So I decided to just go home, slip on my pink zap suit, and binge watch my favorite superhero show to make myself feel better.


Day 13

Today I awoke to find Freiga walking around in my garden. I’m not sure of her motivation, but I do not appreciate it.


I later got stung by bees. Ouch. What’s worse is that Antonio saw me with a swollen face from the incident. How embarrassing!


What a sour day…

Day 15

Today I wore my flame pants and shirt. I think they make me look faster when I run.


I decided to treat myself to a nice day in town after what happened yesterday… I went into Nook Junction to see what they had to offer today and almost bought homework thinking they were coloring books. How dare you try and educate me, your mayor!


I also took a trip to the museum. I walked around the fossil exhibit, seeing as I was doing so well in collecting them, but something just seems… missing.


I ended my day by purchasing the Mona Lisa, which was really quite affordable for a rare, priceless painting.


UPDATE: The Mona Lisa was a fake! I have to PAY to get someone to take it off my hands it’s so useless! You’d better watch yourself, Redd– No one gyps the mayor of Citytown! Until then I’m better off burying this piece of rubbish– but don’t tell the townsfolk! It’s a secret to everyone!

Day 17

I’ve been getting quite a bad vibe from Mira. She keeps giving me things for free and telling me “I’m doing her a big favor” while looking around shiftily and “not to worry about it” when I ask her why she wants me to have her hand-me-downs. I mean hey, I’m getting free stuff, so I guess it’s cool.

Speaking of hand-me-downs, Kitt the Kangaroo gave me her old blue diamond t-shirt today… It had a huge hole in the middle of it for her Joey… Guess I’ve got some sewing cut out for me today.

Speaking of which, she never once told me her son’s (or daughter’s) name! And he (or she) doesn’t speak! I don’t think she’s ever once acknowledged him (or her) in my presence. She keeps calling me child, but what about her own? Does she know that she has a child?


Day 20

A new camping ground was built next to my town, as well as a new MEOW coupon system in front of the city hall. Isabelle gave me instructions on what this means, but I traded to Friga for a paw print t-shirt. Worth it.


As well as the campsite, the Nook Junction store finally reopened today as T&T Mart. I really love what they’ve done with the place! But I still wish there was just one store in town that the owner didn’t follow me around as I shop…

Though I bought the same shirt as Antonio while I was at the Able Sisters store. Now we match. We’re adorable together.



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