Top 10 characters that should have been in Hyrule Warriors

Upon the release of the final DLC for Hyrule Warriors and the definitive edition, and while I am extremely satisfied with the selection of characters that we have been given, there are still a few who I think were well deserving of a place on the roster and have been excluded from the series. Today I’ll be discussing characters that I think should have been included in this game (and hope that maybe the developers will read it).

While this is mostly a personal opinion list, I’ve also observed the opinions of other fans and chosen based on the skills, weapons and the gameplay they could offer to the series and not just solely because I liked the character or their design in their original game. To be on this list they must have been a prominent (or at least named) character from either the main series or spinoff Zelda games. Take note that this list was also created before Breath of the Wild and future titles.

Also a fair warning, there may be SPOILERS throughout this list!

10) Malon, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Now, this might seem like an odd choice, but I believe that Malon could have been a fully functional character in Hyrule Warriors. While I do think that the easiest option would have been to give her Epona to ride into battle, there are alternate solutions since Epona was given to Link (and rightfully so since Epona is Link’s horse). I would have personally liked if she used farming equipment as her main weapons, such as a pitchfork, then her combos could incorporate her songs summoning horses to trample the enemies in front of her. For her special, I would have loved to see Epona being brought into the mix, but again, not be her weapon overall. From what I see, Malon is a pretty popular character overall, and I think she would have pleased many people by making an appearance in this game.

9) Irene/ Maple, Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds & Legend of Zelda Oracle Games

There are two names here, but essentially, they are very similar characters. Both are young witches with similar appearances and personalities, and more important magical powers and a broomstick, both of who could come in handy in Hyrule Warriors. When dashing, you could ride on a broomstick before hitting monsters with a magic combo. Even Maple’s crashing broom could be incorporated into a hilarious, heavy attack, much like Medli’s crash landings. The broom on its own could (literally) sweep a whole mass of enemies in a row, racking up KO’s galore! Irene’s bell could also be used, maybe similarly to Marins. Plus, they could just have fun with the witch theme and do some common fairytale spells but with their own Zelda twist. If it weren’t for the overdose of dark elemental characters, these two would be higher up on the list.

8) Linebeck, Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass


Oh, if it were just a list of characters I’d want in the game just for the sake of having them there, Linebeck would be at number one for sure. When I heard that they were having a Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks DLC pack I thought for sure I’d see Linebeck as the mystery playable character. To my dismay, it was not he who was chosen. While I love Toon Zelda in her Phantom Form, I was still disappointed that Linebeck was not included. Thinking about it, though, I could kind of understand why. In fact, it’s the reason he’s so low on the list- there’s not much that could be done with him that hasn’t been done already. When I first imagined Linebeck as a playable character, I thought it would be something like King Hyrule’s Sail, where Linebeck would use some sort of melee weapon to bat around his enemies during basic combos (maybe a telescope? Some seaworthy, treasure tracking item), and then in more powerful combinations summon up the S.S. Linebeck. And maybe his Y move could grab enemies and shake them senseless.


7) Groose, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


I always said if they ever made a Skyward Sword DLC pack, there are four things I want; Impa’s Skyward Sword costume, Fi dressed in Ghirahim’s color scheme and vice-versa, and Groose as a playable character. Groose is another fan favorite as far as I’ve seen and could have been a powerful and comical addition to the team. For his weapon, he could maneuver the Groosenator. For those who have yet to play Skyward Sword, the Groosenator is a self-made canon system built by (who else but) Groose himself to help Link take on the Imprisoned.


In game it moved along a track, but why not take it off track and onto the field? Fling bombs at monsters and run ‘em over when you’re finished. Hyrule Warriors seems to enjoy creating larger than life bomb items, why not use that for Groose’s special attack? And when he’s finished, he’d taunt the enemy with a swish of his fabulous ‘do.

6) Happy Mask Salesman, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask


When I first downloaded Young Link, I thought he would come equipped with multiple masks from Majora’s Mask. Although Fierce Deity Link is amazing, I was quite sad to see that it was the only mask being utilized. Majora’s Mask was full of so many fun and quirky masks, so who better to battle with these bad boys than the master of masks himself? No, not Link! We just discussed this!


The reason I chose the Happy Mask Salesman is that, first and foremost, if anyone
(other than Link) was handed a multitude of masks, he would be the one to know how to use them to their fullest potential. Not only that, but he is a super popular character among the Zelda community and would undoubtedly be welcomed with open arms. Once I saw Ravio battle with all of the rental gear from his shop, I thought the same could easily be done with the Happy Mask Salesman. Instead of different weapons at the end of each 950802-happymasksalesman004attack sequence, a different mask. The Bunny Hood, Bomb Mask, even the Bremen Mask could have some fun potential! I want to see a hoard of Stalchildren march behind the Salesman before coming up with some sneak attack! However, the difference between the Salesman and Ravio would be the melee weapon. Ravio uses a hammer as his main tool, the Happy Mask Salesman does not have any known weapons he could use for starting combos — But to be fair, his Y attack would be the same as Linebeck’s.


5) Nabooru, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Honestly, I think all of the sages in Ocarina of Time would be eligible for Hyrule Warriors, but Nabooru (and one other who I’ll talk about later on) definitely could have been an awesome character to add to the roster. This woman can certainly handle herself with the Gerudo being warriors who are respected and feared by all. Nabooru could have a variety of weapons to use, from a sword to a spear, or even the giant axe she possessed from her time as an Iron Knuckle prisoner of Koume and Kotake. I’ve always felt Nabooru was an under-appreciated character, and seeing as she was passed over for Hyrule Warriors when she has so much potential just makes me feel that even more so. I suppose they chose a character like Impa over her since Impa is more well known and spans across multiple Zelda games rather than just one.


4) Hero’s Spirit, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


Yes, technically we do have the Hero’s Spirit in the form of Young Link, but we don’t have all the new techniques as seen in Twilight Princess. Throughout Link’s journey, the Hero’s Spirit comes to him in the form of a golden wolf, transforming into a decaying skeleton clad in armor to teach him seven hidden skills. For me, this was one of the most interesting features in any Zelda game and I think it could have been quite useful to have in Hyrule Warriors. Not only would you have combos utilizing the seven hidden skills, but think of the movement range a ghostly character could have. He’s also been seen to replicate himself during the training sequences, which could make for some more attack sequences. Plus, I don’t think anyone would argue with adding a little bit of that wolf form into the mix.

3) Saria, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


So you probably guessed the other sage I was referring to in Nabooru’s paragraph was Saria, being that Ruto and Darunia are already in the game and Rauru probably wouldn’t be as much fun to play as. I think Saria could have easily been implemented into the game, but I think that the developers made a mistake and gave the weapon that would have been PERFECT for Saria to another character; Lana’s Deku Spear. To me, it makes no sense why Lana has a weapon related to the forest. Yes, the first stage you meet her is in the Faron Woods, but that was never mentioned to be her home. There was never any indication that she had any relationship the Great Deku Tree. The weapon itself screams “Ocarina of Time!” So why was Lana given this weapon? Well, frankly, I can’t really answer that (but if someone can, please leave it in the comments)! All I know is that Lana did not hit it off with the fans very well, and Saria did. Now some may argue that Saria is a simplistic, flat character as well, but Saria left more of an impact on the Zelda community more than Lana did as far as I can tell. She was one of the first characters introduced to so many Zelda players and was not only a part of Link’s childhood but ours. If we simply gave her the Deku Spear, I think that it would have made a much better impact on Zelda fans everywhere.


2) Deku Link, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask


I mentioned before that I wanted more mask variety from Majora’s Mask when Young Link was released, and the mask I wanted most was the Deku mask. Deku Scrub Link is my favorite form to play as throughout the game, but that’s not the only reason I chose this form rather than the Zora or Goron. I skipped over the other two because they already have a representation in the game, Ruto being the Zora and Darunia the Goron. What we don’t have is a Deku Scrub character. This being said Deku Link would be his own character, not a weapon like Fierce Deity Link. Deku Link in the original game did not use a sword but instead spins and bubbles. This could make for some new gameplay that no other character has. The movement and range would be fantastic! Not to mention you could get in some aerial combos if the Deku flower was included in one of his attack sequences! There are so many possibilities for Deku Scrub Link, and as much as I think it was a missed opportunity to include this character, there’s one that I think was even more so.

Now it’s time for some honorable mentions that didn’t quite make the list, but I had to say just a few words about:

Twilight Princess’s Yeto because who wouldn’t want to just shove through enemies as a giant snow beast?


Ocarina of Time’s Twinrova could have made for an interesting playable character, but what would her element be? Fire or water?


I really want Ralph from Oracle of Ages to have a place on this list, but I honestly can’t think of too much that he could bring to the battlefield.


Wind Waker’s Aryll could have used the Hyoi Pear and commanded seagulls to do her bidding, but at least we get a little cameo from her as Toon Link’s speaker.


The Postman, who appears in multiple Zelda games, because chucking letters like throwing stars? Delivery!


Minish Cap’s Ezlo and Link as a team. I think there could have been some cool opportunity for some shrink-grow combos, though I’m not really certain if that could work out or not.


And my number one pick for the character that should have been in Hyrule Warriors is…



1) Vaati, Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap


Vaati has to be the most underrated Zelda villain ever. Everyone always seems to always forget how great he is. His backstory, his personality, and his dark powers always linger in my mind, and I haven’t played Minish Cap in about 8 years! I know that he would have been another dark elemental, but it would have been worth it. It would have been awesome to see Vaati petrify enemies, or shrink and grow at will. He has the power to transfigure his appearance, not to mention he can also use a sword pretty fiercely as well. He’s also referred to as “The Wind Mage” in his Four Swords Adventure appearance, so that could offer some more magical capabilities. There are so many different things that Vaati can do, giving him a multitude of attack possibilities. His specials would be his final form at the end of Minish Cap and all throughout Four Swords Adventure, a monstrous winged orb with a single red eye. This form could do some serious wrecking. There is no reason I can think of for Vaati NOT to be included.


All in all, one of the major reasons that I put him as the number one choice is that of all the villains they added to this game, Vaati was left out. Not only that, but there was not one single reference to the Minish Cap, which was a great Legend of Zelda title. There are two characters that represent this series most, and that is Ezlo, the Minish Cap himself (though you can see why that might be a problem of making him a character on his own) and Vaati. Hyrule Warriors, as well as being an incredibly fun (and addicting) game is a gateway for people to learn more about other Legend of Zelda titles. It was through this game that I was introduced to Link’s Awakening, one of the few titles I had yet to play. Though I don’t expect Marin to be dropping the Wind Fish on anyone during my playthrough, the character made me interested enough to pick up the series and see why it was good enough to earn a spot in the Hyrule Warriors lineup. It’s unfortunate how much Minish Cap is skipped over when it really is a great game, and with an amazing character like Vaati, I’m sure people all over would download it in a heartbeat!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my silly personal opinion! Who do you think should have made it into Hyrule Warriors? Did you agree with my list or any of the characters I chose? Did you disagree? I’d love to hear what you have to say!


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