National Novel Writing Month Progress (Week 4)

“Now, now, ladies, Prince Kurt will greet all of you one at a time. Please be patient.” Perfect! This was my chance! All the girls scattered away as an Elven gentleman in a fancy suit shooed them off. I started to sneak in closer, though I tripped over this darned ball gown on my way over. I caught myself before I could hit the floor, but still, hope no one saw that.


My Top 10 Favorite Video Games

I’ve been a gamer for quite some time. I don’t know if I’m particularly “hardcore” or not in the realms of gaming, but ever since I picked up Pokémon Sapphire back when I was 9, I was hooked. Gaming has been a huge part of my life ever since then, and there are some individual games that have really made an impact on me, and that’s what I’ll be sharing today. This is my personal top 10 list of my favorite video games.