Animal Crossing Diaries: New Leaf (Part 3)

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Day 8

The bridge has been completed and after coming out of debt of paying for a house expansion, I put myself into debt once more and had it made even bigger! It’s worth it. My hammerhead shark, Sally, needs more space.


But returning to the subject of the bridge, they held a celebration in my honor upon completion, as they should! I practically paid for the whole dang thing, those cheapskates…

As far as business goes, I sold a rocking horse to Clyde… The horse…  which I find a tad strange… No, it’s best I don’t question it. Just take the money.

Oh goodness, how could I forget to mention- I caught a whale shark today while fishing! A whale shark! The biggest fish in the sea caught with only a thread of fishing line and… Did I use bait? Oh well. As much as debated keeping it for myself for Sally as a friend, I concluded it would be best for it to live in an open exhibition at the town museum.


Speaking of good finds, I also found two more Raptor bums. I am good. I’m certain the village folk will snag these up in an instant!


I ran into Antonio again today. He sure knows how to sweet talk a lady.

He’s such a sweaty- I mean sweetie! Ahem…

Day 9

It’s Antonio’s birthday! Hooray for Antonio! I bought him a cat decoration because… I don’t know, but he liked it! He was filled with joy when I arrived at  his party. We even danced together- Or rather he danced and I stood awkwardly next to him. It was wonderful.


As for me, I caught another whale shark. His name is Mr. Fishles. He lives in the corner of my room. Is it just me, though, or was he bigger when I first caught him?


In other news, I bought an axe. This will be fun.


Day 10

I broke my axe. Drat.

Since I had nothing better to do in the meantime, I went to Katrina, the fortune teller. Her words of wisdom never cease to amaze me.

Truly enlightening.

She said I would need to wear glasses to fend off the unlucky forces. I always wear glasses. I just wasted my money.

As for Antonio, he gave me a nickname. A-cat. Isn‘t that precious? I mean, it gets a little confusing when he says “Hey, A-cat!” and I look around but there is no cat present. I’ll get used to it, though.

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4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Diaries: New Leaf (Part 3)

  1. I really need to get back into Animal Crossing. It was the first game I played when I got my first 2DS, and it was a lot of fun, but I guess I kind of got bogged down by it feeling like a chore simulator. I’m not sure whether I should go back to my town in New Leaf, or wait for the next release and start fresh. Regardless, it’s cool to see people still enjoying it!


    1. This is my first Animal Crossing game, and though I know that I’m doing chores and other things I would probably never do in real life, I can’t help but find myself enjoying it. It’s got it’s quirks and charms that separates it from other simulators like Sims and Tomadochi life, it’s been a really interesting experience. I suppose you could always start a new file on New Leaf if you don’t want to wait for the next installment to come around!

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