Animal Crossing Diaries: New Leaf (Part 2)

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Day 4

Today I was allowed into the Happy Home Showcase. I was greeted by a dog-man named Digby. Now, I tried not to jump to conclusions and assume just because he was a dog he had some relation to my secretary, Isabelle, but as it turns out, they’re twins. I was also introduced to the previous mayor, Tortimir. I was worried that perhaps he would realize that I was not supposed to be his heir, but he appears to be senile and didn’t even notice. He said would bring me to a tropical island tomorrow. I’m okay with this.

I also invited Clyde, who I am assuming is a Clydesdale horse given the punny nature of this town, over to my house this evening. He seemed… Overly excited. Should I be concerned?


In addition, I consulted Isabelle about my mayor duties. She spoke with me about enacting ordinances- but said that I couldn’t just do whatever I pleased. What’s the fun in that?

…And your point is?

Regardless, I decided to construct a bridge, which will be funded by the town and their donations- which really means I’ll be paying out of my own pockets. However, I did try to convince the citizens of Citytown to dig down deep inside and be the wonderful, charitable animal-people I know they can be.

I also saw Antonio today at the Re-Tail shop. He didn’t buy anything, but he told me “You can buy things that other people leave here.” He’s so thoughtful.

Speaking of the Re-Tail shop, Reese’s husband has been asleep for the last four days and has shown no signs of waking up. I am quite concerned.



Oh dear, I forgot I had scheduled a get together with Gruff. Oh well, he’s an empathetic fellow. I’m sure he’ll understand.


Day 5

I went to the tropical island today. The Captain… Kapp’n, seems to be… Well…

I relate to this song.

…Quite a gentleman. He also keeps addressing how “cute” I am. What a nice man. His wife is a lucky gal.

I got to the island and went fishing and bug hunting for quite some time. It was very relaxing, and I caught some new specimens to donate to the museum. I visited the bug exhibit today, and I don’t think that the enclosures were thought through very well…


The butterfly is escaping!!!




Also, Antonio got me a kiddie wardrobe. He truly understands my womanly needs.


Day 6

BIG NEWS: Antonio came over my house today. Never have I been so nervous in all my life! Here he is! In MY house!!!


He likes music, I like music- We have so much in common! He also thinks my house smells “cool”. Oh Antonio, you rapscallion, you~!


Some other stuff happened too, you know, less important things like a new neighbor moving in. Some penguin girl or something. It’s all a blur, really, after my day with Antonio.

I like Antonio.

They are amazing… When I’m standing underneath them with you.

Day 7

Today I ran into Antonio again, and he started talking about rumors about a girl and guy hanging out. Could he mean… Oh, my. This is it. I know it is!


Yes… Yes!!!



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