Animal Crossing Diaries: New Leaf

Day 1:

I have entered a new village called Citytown. This sounds like a legitimate, well-grounded town. I think I have made a wise decision. I arrived late at night to be greeted by strange animal-human hybrids. Not only this, but they have dubbed me their mayor. This is awkward. Nevertheless, I accepted their offer to run the town and I know they are in good hands.


I probably should have thought to buy a house before moving. As of now, I am living in a tent with only a lantern given to me by local dog-woman, Isabelle. I don’t mean that as an insult, she is quite literally a dog-woman. Tom Nook, the town con-artist- I mean housing specialist, would not start construction on my house until the down payment of 10,000 bells were paid. I probably should have also brought money. I spent my entire day picking flowers and selling them to the local Re-Tail shop in order to purchase a fishing rod and sell live fish to pay off my debt. Also, this town’s pun game is strong. I saved up the given amount at exactly 9:01 PM. Tom Nook’s shop was closed. That’s okay, I can wait.

As I stand here in the cold, dark streets of Citytown, I do have more satisfying news. Today I have made a new friend. His name is Antonio. I like Antonio.


Day 2:

As soon as Nook’s shop opened, I payed back my loan only to discover the house would not be built until the next day. Drat.

In the mean time, I purchased a shovel and began excavating in my backyard. I was supposed to get a Mayor related permit today, but I couldn’t do that without owning a house. Go figure. Either way, playing in the dirt is a lot more fun. There I found the elusive posterior of a Velociraptor. I decided to donate my finding to the town’s museum, much to the town’s delight. Now they can visit and gaze upon the magnificent beauty that is the rear end of a dinosaur.



As for my friend Antonio, he noticed me today. I said “hello”. He said “honk”. I think we’re really connecting.

Day 3:

Today I moved into my new house, which was apparently built around me as I slept. It is the exact same proportions as my tent. Was it truly worth paying so much for this slightly more appealing house? Yes. Yes it was.

Unfortunately, I still had more to pay for the renovations, and spent all day collecting fish, insects, and fossils in hopes to repay my debt. I completed my quest in gathering enough bells to reimburse Nook at 8:15, to ensure that I arrived before closing time. Saturday’s apparently close at 8. Drat.

I am currently still waiting outside his doorway. I’m onto you, Nook.

However, more events did occur during the day. I started digging around again, this time in the neighbor’s yard, to find another Velociraptors rump. I don’t know why it took my friend Tim so long to get his degree in paleontology, this is easy. Since the townsfolk seemed so enamored with my first finding, I decided to place it for sale at the Re-Tail shop. I’m such a good person.

On a side note, I had a quarrel with my friend Antonio today. He suggested that I “stop playing” and “take a break”. Don’t tell me how to live my life, Antonio!


We’re still friends, though. Maybe more. Antonio, when will you see how I really feel about you? Perhaps when you open my letter where I blatantly state how I feel about you.

Click Here for Part 2


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