Animal Crossing Diaries: New Leaf

I have entered a new town called Citytown. This sounds like a legitimate, well-grounded town. I think I have made a wise decision. I arrived late at night to be greeted by strange animal-human hybrids. Not only this, but they have dubbed me their mayor. This is awkward. Nevertheless, I accepted their offer to run the town and I know they are in good hands.

Thinking of Sims

I’ve had such a hankering to play the Sims again recently. It’s been a favorite of mine since my middle school days, but unfortunately, my Sims 3 disc isn’t reading correctly and I’ve been unable to play it. Until I can get it working or find a new copy, I guess all I can really do is write about it in this Throwback Thursday Nostalgic Nerd story!


This was an old writing exercise that I did in my creative non-fiction class in college. The assignment was to make up a story about a stranger you’ve seen. I saw a boy on the train coming home from classes one day with a giant Arlo plush, punching its head like a punching bag. I had also just seen the movies a week or so prior, and I wasn't so fond of the film. It wasn't awful but quite disappointing for a Pixar film. I couldn't help but think that kid who was punching Arlo's head thought the same thing.