The Rambling of a First Time Blogger

This is my very first blog post.

…At least on my own, personal blog. I once wrote a blog post for my college internship. It was about car insurance. It was very boring. I hope that this blog won’t be as dull, although I’m not quite sure if there is anything quite as tedious as writing about car insurance. Lets find an interesting topic, shall we?

Whale sharks. Whale sharks are interesting. Biggest fish in the world, how can they not be interesting? Yes, whale sharks ARE fish, not whales, like many people keep insisting. They’re named for their large size and similar feeding habits, not because they are a whale. If it was a shark whale, then it would be a whale. There should be a shark whale– actually scratch that. It would probably be a very dangerous whale. Then again, orca’s are kind of like sharks in their predatory nature, I suppose they could be a shark whale, but then again, orca’s are actually dolphins so… I’m getting a bit too technical, how about we move onto something else?

Disney! Everybody loves Disney! If you don’t love Disney, than you’re wrong… That was a joke, people. Please don’t spam the comments with long paragraphs about how you have the right to like or hate Disney, you absolutely have that right…  Just as I do, so I’m still going to talk about it anyway. My favorite movie is Princess and the Frog. I feel it’s so overlooked and underrated. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. I’ll probably write more about it eventually, but I feel like I should give other movies a chance for this post. Lets see, what else do I like… I like Tarzan, Tangled, Frozen- YES I LIKE FROZEN- Snow White, the Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo… Whoa, dove into Pixar territory for a moment there– but then again, Pixar is Disney. I mean technically they’re not, but they work for Disney, or are owned by Disney… Bah! Whatever! New topic!

Oh, I know! Politics! … NAH!

Pokemon Go is much more important than politics, lets talk about that! I just got to level 16 today! Hooray! I’m still so far behind, but I feel accomplished anyway! My highest CP pokemon is Magzilla, my Magmar. Blanche appraised him for me today, told me he was super amazing… Too bad I don’t really like Magmar. I’m just waiting to find some more Bellsprouts. Spooples is going to be one powerful Victreebel! Yes. My Weepinbell’s name is Spooples. It’s like that one guy in the anime who named his Bellsprout Spooples, because that’s the best name to give anything; either that or Roderich. My next fish is going to be name Spooples. The fish I have right now is named Prince Eric. Now THAT’S how you connect all three topics! Fish. Disney. Pokemon Go. Boom. ‘Til we find our plaaaaaaace, on the path unwinding~ It’s the ciiiiirclllllllllle- the circle of bloooooooooooogs!

Anyway, for those who actually read all this nonsense, I thank you for reading this little writing experiment I decided to try out. I wanted to try and see if I could spontaneously keep coming up with something to write for each new paragraph; I actually didn’t even intend for it all to come together in the last part of the third paragraph, but I got to reference ‘Circle of Life’, so it’s all good. I hope at least one part of this little blather was enjoyable for you. If not… Welp… Can’t change the past!


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